Investing in Excellence, Building Legacies

Anchored in family ownership, TGC is committed to driving African development and competitiveness through its diversified portfolio of businesses spanning various industries.

Our Achievements

Tropics Communications Inc.

Pioneering Bilingual Multimedia Platforms:

  • Since March 2010, Tropics Communications Inc. has been a pioneer in bilingual multimedia platforms, starting with the launch of TROPICS MAGAZINE in Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Introduced innovative approaches to storytelling, blending English and local languages to reach diverse audiences across Africa and beyond.

Successful Magazine Launches and Digital Platforms:

  • Successfully launched multiple magazine titles and digital platforms, providing engaging content that resonates with millions of readers worldwide.
  • Expanded its digital footprint through online publications, mobile apps, and social media channels, catering to the evolving preferences of modern audiences.

Industry Recognition:

  • Received 11 industry recognitions on three continents for high-quality content and impactful storytelling, including prestigious awards for journalism and design.
  • Acknowledged for its commitment to excellence and innovation in media, setting benchmarks for journalistic integrity and creative expression.

Tropics Invest & Co.

Strategic Investments and Capital Raising

  • Successfully raised a US $500 million envelope in Cape Verde alongside YUNUS Invest Luxembourg SA during the 6th annual TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT (TBS) & TRADE EXPO in October 2022.
  • Demonstrated a commitment to accelerating SMEs in Africa by providing vital funding and support to entrepreneurs and small businesses, fostering economic growth and job creation across the continent.

Empowering Entrepreneurs

  • Supported SMEs and startups through strategic investments, mentorship, and access to resources, enabling them to innovate, expand, and compete in global markets.
  • Played a pivotal role in unlocking the potential of African entrepreneurs, empowering them to drive sustainable development and prosperity in their communities.

Catalyzing Economic Growth

  • Leveraged investment capital to fuel innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic diversification in Africa, catalyzing growth in key sectors such as technology, manufacturing, and renewable energy.
  • Facilitated partnerships and collaborations between investors, businesses, and government agencies to maximize the impact of investment capital and create lasting socio-economic benefits.

Tropics Business Summit

Action-Oriented Platform

  • The Tropics Business Summit is an action-oriented platform that drives tangible outcomes and results, focusing on concrete initiatives and projects to advance economic development in Africa.

Impactful Funding and Deal Closures

  • The summit has raised US $500 million for startup founders, providing crucial funding and support to fuel innovation and entrepreneurship across the continent.
  • Closed 35 deals between 2021 and 2024 as resolutions to summits held in Johannesburg, Praia, and Brazzaville, facilitating partnerships, investments, and business collaborations.

Facilitating Mega Deals

  • Facilitated mega deals, including a EUR 90 million agreement with the Government of Congo-Brazzaville for the Maison de l'Entreprise project under the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises and Handicrafts.
  • Initiated renewable waste management projects in collaboration with the Mayor of Praia, Cape Verde, leveraging public-private partnerships to address environmental challenges and promote sustainable development.

Tropics Magazine

Digital and Print Reach:

  • Tropics Magazine boasts a significant readership with 500,000 digital subscribers and 15,000 print subscribers, providing a diverse and engaged audience with access to its content.
  • The magazine's multi-channel approach ensures widespread distribution and accessibility, catering to the preferences of readers who prefer digital or print formats.

Award-Winning Publication

  • Recognized for excellence in journalism and design, Tropics Magazine has received prestigious awards on two occasions, underscoring its commitment to quality content and visual presentation.
  • The accolades validate the magazine's dedication to producing insightful and impactful storytelling that resonates with its audience and industry peers.

Multilingual Content

  • Tropics Magazine is published in English and French languages, catering to a diverse readership across Africa and beyond.
  • Soon to be available in Portuguese, the magazine continues to expand its linguistic reach, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for readers in Portuguese-speaking regions.

Tropics Events Pulse Agency

Multilingual Events Agency

  • Tropics Events Pulse is a dynamic and multilingual events agency that specializes in creating impactful and memorable experiences for a diverse range of clients and audiences.

Business and Experiential Brand Events

  • The agency excels in designing and executing business and experiential brand events that leave a lasting impression on attendees, driving brand awareness, engagement, and loyalty.
  • From product launches and corporate conferences to gala dinners and trade shows, Tropics Events Pulse tailors each event to reflect the unique identity and objectives of its clients.

Amplifying Brands

  • Tropics Events Pulse's primary mission is to amplify brands, both small and large, by crafting immersive and engaging event experiences that resonate with target audiences.
  • Through strategic event planning, creative design, and seamless execution, the agency helps clients stand out in competitive markets and leave a lasting impression on their stakeholders.

Guinot & Partners Advisory Firm

Specialization in Nation Branding

  • Guinot and Partners Advisory Firm is a specialized consultancy focusing on nation branding, offering tailored solutions to governments, organizations, and institutions seeking to enhance their global reputation and attractiveness.
  • Through comprehensive strategies and initiatives, the firm helps clients build strong and positive brand identities that reflect their unique cultural heritage, economic potential, and values on the international stage.

Expertise in Family Office Advisory

  • In addition to nation branding, Guinot and Partners Advisory Firm provides expert advisory services to family offices, catering to the unique needs and objectives of high-net-worth individuals and their families.
  • Leveraging deep industry knowledge and strategic insights, the firm assists family offices in wealth management, succession planning, philanthropy, and legacy preservation, ensuring long-term financial security and prosperity for future>

Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations

  • Guinot and Partners Advisory Firm collaborates with a network of industry experts, thought leaders, and strategic partners to deliver holistic and integrated solutions to its clients.
  • By leveraging its extensive network and expertise, the firm provides clients with access to best-in-class resources, insights, and opportunities to maximize their potential and achieve their goals.

Tropics Group of Companies (TGC) Business Model

The Tropics Group of Companies (TGC) operates as a diversified enterprise with five (5) subsidiaries creating 100+ in-house brands specialized in different domains. Here is the business model for each of our subsidiaries

Tropics Communications Bureau

  • Value Proposition: Offering personalized communication and marketing services to maximize clients' visibility and engagement across digital and traditional platforms.
  • Services: Public relations management, traditional and digital advertising, content creation, crisis management, media event organization, training, and consultation.

Tropics Consultancy Bureau

  • Value Proposition: Providing consultancy services specialized in various areas such as business strategy, human resources management, finance, technology, sustainability, legal, internationalization, and project management
  • Services: Analysis, planning, development, management, and advisory services in the specific domains of each division.

Tropics Tech & Services Bureau

  • Value Proposition: Offering an extensive range of technological, event-related, and concierge solutions to meet diverse client needs.
  • Services: Custom software development, cybersecurity services, event management, concierge services, IoT solutions, virtual reality, human resources management, e-commerce, etc

Tropics Investments Bureau

  • Value Proposition: Providing capital, strategic investments, and financial advice to support the growth of businesses, startups, and real estate projects.
  • Services: Venture capital investments, private equity investments, real estate investments, technology investments, healthcare investments, socially and environmentally impactful initiatives, wealth and portfolio management.

Tropics Philantropy Bureau

  • Value Proposition: Supporting socio-economic development through philanthropic initiatives focused on education, entrepreneurship, community development, arts, and culture.
  • Services: Grant programs, support for young entrepreneurs, assistance to women's cooperatives, funding for socially and environmentally impactful projects, promotion of emerging creative talents, advocacy, and awareness campaigns.